Our Walking Shoes Are Simply The Best

Our Walking Shoes Are Simply The Best

  • Steven Brown


Today’s shoe market is flooded with ill-fitting, uncomfortable shoes that are designed more for looks than for walking in. In fact, some shoes are so uncomfortable that we typically end up having to take them off halfway through our walk just so we can return them and try a different pair.

     While most retailers are understanding of this and they do accept the returns, minus a ‘small restocking fee’, it can still be a pain in the you know what to find a pair of walking shoes that you will actually like. And that’s beside the pain you already have in your feet from the previous pair. That is why My Climbing Gear takes a different approach to walking shoes. Our walking shoes are hand selected by avid outdoorsmen and women who understand the need for a high quality, properly fitting, and comfortable pair of shoes. In fact, we wear the shoes we sell and if you do a lot of walking or hiking, you know that means a lot.

     So, why are our walking shoes the best? After all, that’s what the last shoe company said just before you bought that pair of shoes that left you walking funny for a week. The difference between their walking shoes and ours is in the details. We stand behind every pair of walking shoes we sell because we know that you are going to love them. But there are many more reasons why our walking shoes are considered by people all over the world as the best shoes money can buy.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons you should be wearing walking shoes from My Climbing Gear. Let’s get started:

Quality- our walking shoes are manufactured using high quality materials for the uppers, soles, and sidewalls. When shoes are made to much higher quality specifications, you will see and feel the difference.

Durability- when choosing a new pair of walking shoes, you naturally want them to last a while. Our walking shoes are among the most durable on the planet which means you can go just about anywhere without worrying that your shoes won’t be able to make it back.

Value- regardless of how much you spend in a pair of walking shoes, one of the most important aspects is that they offer a high level of value. Without added value, you could be spending more money than you need to.

Selection- my climbing gear carries a wide selection of name brand walking shoes designed to be durable, affordable, and most of all, comfortable.

Benefits Of Wearing High-Quality Walking Shoes

     Now that you know why our walking shoes are considered the best by avid walkers and hikers everywhere, we should take a look at some of the benefits of wearing high-quality walking shoes.

     Good walking shoes are important for your comfort and physical health. Wearing the wrong shoes could cause injuries and even, long-term physical issues. Shoes are tools to support your body and they shouldn’t end up hurting you. High-quality walking shoes from My Climbing Gear are also versatile and here are just some of the benefits of wearing them each day:

Match Your Biomechanics- biomechanics relate to external and internal physical forces that affect your body. Well-designed walking shoes ensure excellent support for your heels and arches and they allow a good range of motion for your feet. If your feet don’t function properly, other parts of your body may overcompensate. This could cause pain in your lower back, hips, knees, ankles and heels.

Endurance- comfort directly affects your endurance and speed when walking. If you often walk a long distance almost each day for commuting to work or having light exercise, proper walking shoes can help to maintain distance and speed, without adding discomfort or pain.

Save Money- high quality and ergonomic walking shoes can be a bit more expensive. It is recommended to wear tailored walking shoes only if you have a unique type of foot. The extra money you pay is much lower than the medical costs needed to treat your injuries or other health issues. After wearing the wrong walking shoes for years, you may not be able to function properly due to chronic pain or discomfort.

Protect From Germs- humid and warm environments are perfect for fast growth of microorganisms. Quality walking shoes have internal synthetic materials that slow down the growth of germs. This can make it easier to wash your walking shoes regularly to remove bacterial and fungal growths.

Prevent Injuries- poorly designed walking shoes may cause minor injuries including blisters. Less ergonomic shoes could cause chronic back pain if you wear them for a long time. Sometimes, the discomfort may persist even after you replace the problematic walking shoes.

Better Grips- although walking shoes are not meant for rapid movements, good grip is still important. High-quality walking shoes ensure solid grip on slippery surface when it’s rainy or very cold. It will be easier for your feet to grab onto slippery pavement and floors. You will not only walk easier but you will also avoid potential accidental falls.

Correct Posture- after wearing the wrong shoes for years, tailored walking shoes may correct your posture. If you have a unique foot type, wearing generic shoes you pick up may cause problems. Depending on your condition, it could be necessary to use orthotic inserts to improve your posture better.  

Four Uses Of Walking Shoes

     Walking is a great physical exercise. It is a low-impact activity that allows you to move your whole body continuously. Regular walkers can more easily control their body weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar level. Psychologically, walking may also help to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. A pair of good walking shoes can take you almost anywhere and here are some ways to make the most of them:

Urban Exploration- if you love walking in the city for commuting to work, buying groceries, or just exploring, you can skip the boots. Save the uber-grippy, heavy-duty footwear for extended excursion into the wild. If you think that comfort counts, walking shoes are a great choice because they are lightweight and more manageable. You can choose walking shoes with a breathable upper, a midsole made of memory foam, and a shock-absorbing outsole. Walking shoes are stylish too and if style matters for you, it is easy to find any design you want.

Light Hiking- if you are a casual hiker, walking shoes can still meet your hiking needs. You don’t need beefy hiking shoes for well-trodden paths. If you hike more often, it is a good idea to choose durable walking shoes that you can still wear in any casual urban setting. Choose walking shoes with flexible midsoles that are easier on your feet during day hiking. Durable materials like thick wool or waterproofed leather is perfect for both light hiking and urban excursions. If you want to have more versatile shoes, make sure that they are comfortable for warmer or cooler conditions. They should be stylish and easy to clean.

Occasional Running- if your idea of exercise is brisk walking and occasional running, walking shoes can still meet your needs. You must choose ergonomic walking shoes with great cushioning, flexibility, and durability. These shoes may not be made for high-speed sprints or long-distance marathons, but they should be comfortable for brief 10-minute jogs. Because these shoes are designed for more than just walking, they will allow enough flex for your toes and their carefully-designed interior will mould perfectly to your feet.

Gym Exercises- regular walking shoes are usable for casual weightlifting that doesn’t require you to transfer too much weight to your shoes. As long as your walking shoes are supportive, you can also do some strength or cardio-training sessions at the gym. If you choose only to walk briskly on treadmill, you don’t have to invest in running shoes. Just make sure that your walking shoes don’t easily roll inward or outward while exercising. 

Best Walks/Hikes In The UK

     If you are an avid hiker or you just like to take long walks for the physical and mental benefits of it, the UK has a lot of stunningly beautiful walking and hiking trails just waiting to be explored. Whether you want to attempt a challenging multi-day route or just spend a few hours strolling through the local woodlands, there is something different for everyone.

     With that being said, grab your best walking shoes and come along with us as we share some of our favourite places to go for walks/hiking in the UK:

The West Highland Way- the West Highland Way opened in 1980 and immediately became Scotland’s first, and most popular, designated long distance trail. Start your journey at Milngavie and experience the beauty and tranquility of Loch Lomond and Rannoch Moor before reaching your destination at Fort William at the foot of Britain’s biggest mountain, Ben Nevis. While the entire length of the West Highland Way would take around a week given the fact that it is 155km, you can choose to take much shorter walks and still see the Highland scenery.

Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail- the Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail links northern England’s coastline as it stretches 135km from Tyneside in the east to Bowness-on-Solway, Cumbria in the west. Hadrian’s Wall was built from AD 122 and its purpose was to protect Roman England from Scotland. It typically takes a full six days to trek, and you will see wild moorlands, rolling countryside, bustling cities, and important historic sites.

Coniston Round- the Lake District’s beautiful Coniston Round is known for its glacial lakes, rugged mountain ranges, and quant towns. Possibly one of the UK’s most user-friendly walking trails, Coniston Round offers spectacular views of the Old Man of Coniston, one of Lake District’s most popular peaks, as well as the beautiful falls of Dow Crag.

Lizard Peninsula Coast- located in Cornwall, Lizard Peninsula features scenic coves, fishing villages, and some of the area’s rarest flora and fauna. You can choose to take short walks or long hikes with spring and summer being the most popular times of year to visit.

Kintyre Way- located along Scotland’s Atlantic coastline, Kintyre Way is a challenging hike that might be too much for beginners, but with the right outdoor gear from My Climbing Gear,it can be the adventure of a lifetime. There are, however, some walking trails which are much tamer that still offer this area’s rugged beauty. Leading from Tarbeth in the north to Machrihanish in the south, Kintyre Way makes its way across the peninsula as it offers breathtaking views of rolling hills, lochs, small fishing towns, and the Isle of Arran’s mountains range.

Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail- touted as Britain’s most spectacular coastline, the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail in Wales offers everything from towering clifftops and rock arches to sandy beaches and quaint coastal towns. There are two paths, one more rugged than the other, with St Dogmaels to Newport being the most challenging, and Stack Rock and The Green Bridge of Wales to St Govan’s Chapel being the easiest of the two.

The Causeway Coast Way- this 53km, two-day route in Northern Ireland passes through a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Beginning at the Victorian seaside resort of Portstewart and passing the ruins of Dunluce Castle, be sure to take a break at the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge where you can take some photos of the area’s breathtaking scenery before you are off to Ballycastle.

Where To Find Your Next Pair Of Walking Shoes

     When shopping for your next pair of walking shoes, you want a reputable online dealer that carries name brand walking shoes and that can offer some useful tips and advice that will help you get started and become a better walker or hiker. Find a  walking shoes retailerthat can grow with your needs and that carries everything for the beginner to the advanced hiking aficionado.

Contact My Climbing Gear

     For more tips and advice designed to make you a better walker or hiker, contact My Climbing Gear and shop a wide selection of name brand climbing gear and apparel today.

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