Top Rock Climbing Areas Around The World My Climbing Gear

Top Rock Climbing Areas Around The World My Climbing Gear

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If you are looking for some of the best rock climbing areas in the world, there are some that are as close as our neighbor to the south, the United States, and some as far away as the land down under. From California to Brazil, our planet has some of the world’s best rock climbing experiences for climbers of all ages. In fact, we are going to take a look at some of them now.

Top 5 Rock Climbing National Parks In The United States

Yosemite National Park, CA- one of the world's greatest climbing areas, Yosemite attracts climbers of all skill levels. From the Merced river canyon to the sun drenched Tuolumne domes, and multi-day aid climbs on the big walls of the Valley, Yosemite is a climber's playground.

Joshua Tree National Park, CA- Joshua Tree National Park is another popular rock climbing area with more than 4,500 established routes offering a wide range of difficulty concentrated on about 100,000 acres of park land.

Black Canyon On The Gunnison National Park, Colorado- Black Canyon offers a wide range of climbing opportunities for advanced rock climbers. The canyon is extremely deep and narrow. Most of the climbing activity takes place in the area of the North and South Chasm Walls, where the depth of the canyon is 1,820 ft. The Painted Wall is the tallest vertical wall in the state of Colorado with a height of 2,250 ft.

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks and the High Sierras, CA- California's Sierra Nevada is the highest mountain range in the contiguous United States. It features rugged peaks, glaciers, isolated chunks of granite, lake basins, streams, and high meadows.

Acadia National Park, Maine- composed mainly of solid coarse-grained pink granite, Acadia National Park offers a wide range of intense climbs on small cliffs which were created during the last continental glaciation.

Best Places To Rock Climb In Asia

Rock climbing is a challenging sport that requires significant upper-body strength. For highly active and adventurous individuals, rock climbing is an ideal choice. Other than improving core stability, physical strength, and aerobic endurance, you will also get to enjoy many wonderful sceneries. These are incredible rock-climbing destinations that you can find in Asia:

White River, China- located about 65 miles from Beijing, White River was where modern rock climbing started in China. The granitic surface with few loose rocks offers good friction for rock climbers. Today, it is a well-developed spot for rock climbers. You can go to White River by taking a bus or renting a car from Beijing.

Sar Pass, India- with scattered snow and challenging terrain, Sar Pass is an ideal spot for any hardcore climber. Each summer, you can join organised expeditions to Sar Pass and it’s also a popular trekking spot. 

Tokyo, Japan- Tokyo is known as a sprawling urban area, but within the Tokyo prefecture, there’s the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, a popular destination for hikers and dedicated rock climbers. Okutama offers challenging rock cliffs for climbers. Miitake Boulders is probably the most well-known rock-climbing spot in the area and it’s located near the Tama river.

Krabi, Thailand- Krabi is better known for its stunning white sand beaches. Another noteworthy feature of the area is limestone cliffs that protrude from the sea. The area is teeming with enthusiastic rock climbers

Harau Valley, Indonesia- as the most volcanic country in the world, with nearly 130 active volcanoes and many more dormant ones, there are countless challenging rock-climbing spots in the country. Harau Valley is a lush area with rice fields and rocky cliffs.

Entalula Island, Philippines- located in El Nido, Palawan area, the island of Entalula will greet rock climbers with white sand beaches and challenging cliffs. The island is managed by a resort company, but it’s free to climb at certain spots. In total, there are ten climbing routes on the island with comparable levels of difficulty.

Band-e Yakchal, Iran- there’s a large mountainous range just north of Tehran and Band-e Yakchal is just 10 km from the city centre. Due to its close proximity with the capital, it’s easy to reach Band-e Yakchal. Beginners can try some of the smaller cliffs and accomplished climbers may tackle the 200 meters high Shervin wall. 

Insubong, South Korea- Insubong is inside the Bukhansan National Park and it’s still within the greater Seoul metropolitan area. Although it’s very close to Seoul, the terrain can be quite challenging. It is recommended to have a solid climber who is familiar with the area as team leader.

Best Places To Rock Climb In Australia

Many people do rock climbing to calm their mind. Australia is exceptionally large and sparsely populated. There are many rarely visited rock climbing spots in the country and climbers could easily get into a peaceful mindset. Here are best rock-climbing spots in Australia.

Mt. Arapiles, Victoria- it’s probably the most popular rock-climbing destination in Australia. Mt. Arapiles is relatively small, but challenging, making it an ideal spot for veteran climbers. For beginners, the nearby Mitre Rock offers easier climbing lines. Be aware that the temperature can be scorching hot during summer. Mt. Arapiles is located right between Adelaide and Melbourne.

Booroomba, Australian Capital Territory- Booroomba is 10km south of Canberra and it offers an abundance of huge granite slabs. There are hundreds of climbing routes with varying length and difficulty.

Grampians National Park- the Grampians National Park is located not far from the Mt. Arapiles-Tooan State Park. It offers amazing routes for rock climbing, while enjoying the beautiful scenery. It is recommended to climb at both the Grampians National Park and Mt. Arapiles during the same trip. 

Blue Mountains, New South Wales- the Blue Mountains are located about 70 km west of Sydney and considered an easier rock-climbing spot. Constant erosion has formed excellent rocky surface for climbers.

Mt. Buffalo, Victoria- Mt. Buffalo is a big granite rock in the midst of a beautiful area overlooking panoramic views of the Victorian landscape. Mt. Buffalo offers amazing climbs on granite surface. The terrain of Mt. Buffalo is fairly sheer, so it’s important for rock climbers to be prepared before making any attempt.

Kalbarri, Western Australia- the town of Kalbarri and the nearby national park is located 600 km north of Perth. In Australia, the Kalbarri National Park is a rising star among rock climbers. Sandstone cliffs in the area offers an excellent training ground for beginners.

Glass House Mountains, Queensland- the Glass House Mountains National Park is about 65 km north of Brisbane. It has a nice grouping of rocky hills that are ideal for easy or challenging climbs, depending on the routes. The Mt. Tibrogargan is a good choice for any climber and it offers an excellent view. Although the national park is open year-round, humidity and temperature may soar during summer.

Best Places To Rock Climb In South America

     Rock climbing is an excellent outdoor challenge. You need to study the potential routes and figure out the best manoeuvre on the rocky cliff. With enough effort and persistence, you will finally savour the sweet taste of victory. South America is known for the 9,000 km long Andes Mountain with literally countless of rocky cliffs. Here are best spots to rock climb in South America:

Chalten Massif, Argentina- Chalten Massif is no place for new rock climbers. The area is famous among rock climbers around the world, with various iconic peaks, including Cerro Torre, Cerro Grande, Cerro Fitz Roy, Marconi, Cordon Adela and Piergiorgio. Some of the jagged granite spires can be as high as 1,500 meters. Climbers can stay at the nearby town of El Chante, but for more ambitious trips to Cordon Adela or Cerro Grande, it could be necessary to camp in the wild.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil- Rio de Janeiro is known for its beaches and rocky cliffs. Within the city, you can find amazing opportunities to rock climb. The most popular rock-climbing spot in Rio is Sugarloaf or Pao de Açucar, located at the Guanabara Bay. Designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will appreciate the beauty of the area once you reach the top.

La Mojarra, Colombia- La Mojarra is the premier spot for rock climbing in Colombia. The sandstone cliff is really fun to climb and the area overlooks the stunningly beautiful Chicamocha canyon. In contrast with rest of the South America, La Mojarra is quite dry and has a desert feel.

Hatun Machay, Peru- Hatun Machay is part of the Andes mountain range and a popular climbing spot with hundreds of bolted routes. It offers an amazing rock-climbing opportunity with a long line of tall rocky towers that go on for miles. For rock climbing enthusiasts, it’s a lifetime experience that they need to see for themselves.

Canjon del Maipo, Chile- Canjon del Maipo (Maipo Canyon) is 50 km south east of Santiago, the capital of Chile. It is a popular destination for regular hikers and adventurous rock climbers. There are 13 crags with varying difficulty levels and styles in the area. Las Palestras is the most popular, because it has good routes and is easily accessible from Santiago. La Mina is undoubtedly the best climbing spot in the Canjon del Maipo area, although it’s the farthest.

Where To Find Your Rock Climbing Gear

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